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December 11, 2003

Breaking News: Poor People Pretty Much Fucked

Thanks to the Onion's fine reportage, we now know:

Poor People Pretty Much Fucked


Excellent gratuitous use of the "F" word... and finely written article. In the words of the poor fucked gentleman at the end of the article in response to his being fucked... "Tell me some thing I don't know".

Posted by: melissa at December 11, 2003 2:00 PM
Along with Malik, her husband, the owner of Geo TV, and the anchor of the show for which the claim is made against have also been sentenced to jail time and a fine of 1.3 million Pakistani rupees each.
In honour of Thanksgiving, BuzzFeed Oz joined our British counterparts in labeling a map of the United States to see how much we actually know about the country. Turns out it's not a lot.
You can see all of his Triple J breakfast.
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